System AdministratorEasy Redmine Mobile App (Android, iPhone)

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Created: 20.10.2015 Updated: 17.03.2021
Version: 17
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When you are on the go, use our new app!

With the new Easy Redmine mobile app, you have all your projects under control no matter where you are. You can easily create new tasks on the go as you get fresh ideas, post quick comments to keep things moving, manage your tasks, or track time to individual tasks and projects.


Easy Redmine mobile features:

  • Tasks overview with filtering
  • Projects overview with filtering
  • Task management - creating a new task, editing, adding comments, uploading attachments...
  • Time tracking to individual tasks and projects
  • Spent time statistics


RedmineApp by Easy Andorid versionRedmine Mobile App by Easy-iOS version download

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