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Created: 18.12.2015 Updated: 09.10.2018
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How to set access for anonymous users

if you want to, for example, open your help desk to your clients so they can submit tickets, this is how you do it.

1, enable anonymous access

go to administration>>settings>>authentication

here find the Authentication required field and make sure it is unchecked


2, make project public

go to a specific project, which you want to give access to. Open project settings and mark is as public


3, set permissions to anonymous users

go to administration>>roles and permissions and find the anonymous role


In the roles check

  • create a task
  • view knowledge base
  • view documents

4, create a page for the user

go to administration>>page personalizations


click on projects template overview


Here create a new template. I named it Public Helpdesk for example.


  1. choose modules you want anonymous users to see. In this case, I chose the new task and noticeboard module
  2. in the noticeboard you can write a greeting message as well as instructions, what should user do in order to submit a ticket
  3. In the new task module, set what you want users to fill in/see when creating a new task.

click save.

5, apply page template to a project.

in the list of project, homepages find your created page template and click Apply template to projects


You will then choose the project, in this case, I choose the Default helpdesk project. Don´t forget to click on the save button at the bottom of the page.


Now How to make this work?

It is simple. Give the link to your project to the client and he will be able to see it like this without the need to log in.


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