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If you need multiple users to work on one Task, there are overall three ways to do it.


1, assignee and co-workers

you can set one person as an assignee, and the others as coworkers.

Co-workers get notifications and are able to manage the task just like the assignee.

there are two ways to add a co-worker

  • you can add him while creating a task

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  • You can add him to an existing task

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2, Group assignment

 You can assign a task to a group, the group will receive notifications and can manage the task as one.

To be able to assign a task to a group, make sure, you have this option turned on in administration>>settings>>task tracking

Look for this  checkbox on the right side.

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You will then see a group in the assignee list ( the group has to be a member of the project, just like a regular user)


3, Distributed task

How to use distributed task and how to set it up can be found in this knowledge post




Distributed tasks
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