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How to use timesheets

The video tutorial

Timesheets can be opened via the More button.

Easy Redmine 2018 Timesheets 01.jpg

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If you are a manager you will be able to see timesheets of your workers, if you are a worker, you will see your own timesheets. Of course, it can be set differently in the Roles and Permissions. By clicking the "New timesheet" button on the right, you will get a pop-up like this.

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Here you can fill in your name and a timespan for which you want the time sheet to be created. This is a blank timesheet,

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By clicking the plus button at the bottom, you will add a new line, that you can then fill in.

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You can fill in the project, particular task, and type of activity and for each work day, you will fill in, how many hours you´ve spent on it.

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On the right, you have a sum for the week and on the bottom sum for the day. After filling in the timesheet, it can be locked and sent to the supervisor. Who can then approve it?

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Approved timesheet cannot be edited by the worker anymore.

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Corner situations

  • When selecting projects in a new row, you can only choose projects which are not marked as planned.
  • In the spent time settings, you have to take in mind possible restrictions that are set there:
    • logging time to future or the past
    • allowing logging time on closed tasks
      Solution: Make sure to allow sufficient time range for logging time for timesheet users and allow logging time on closed tasks - they may be often present in a current timesheet
  • Required custom fields are not shown in timesheets - therefore, they can not be filled and time cannot be logged via timesheets
    Solution: do not set custom fields on spent time as required if using timesheets.
  • No activity is preselected - some projects may have activities on tasks preselected (the setting is here), instead of having the user decide what activity to log time in. In such cases, it is possible that activities are left empty on existing tasks. As a result, you will not be able to log time into these tasks via timesheets
    Solution: Go to the task, which doesn't allow to log time. Update it >> select an activity.
  • Moving with individual time entries from one date to another does not appear in the existing timesheet(s). This is both due to the need for good logging speed (time editing) and also to avoid other negative consequences.
  • When you go to "Administration > Settings > Spent time" and tick the checkbox "When logging time, comment must be filled", please note this setting does not apply to Timesheets. When logging time using Timesheets, there's no field you can enter your comment in, so the mandatory comment is automatically pre-filled with a dash. When you need to add/change a comment for any task, you have to do so via standard task edit button and the comment will also be visible in timesheets.
  • By logging spent time to a period for which a timesheet has been previously created, this logged time is not added to the existing timesheet. However, if spent time is logged first and a timesheet is created afterward, the logged time is added to the newly created timesheet.
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