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Created: 20.08.2015 Updated: 20.07.2021
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This how-to is based on a video tutorial which you can find Here

To make handling tickets even easier, you can create email templates.

There are few ways to get to email templates. 

You can access them from the Help desk.


After you get in, you will see this page:


To make a new template click on the green button on the right.

Here you can see hot the page for creating a new template looks like.

You will be able to choose to what mailbox the template belongs to and for which status it will appear.


Now on how to use the template.

when a customer sends you an email, it will transform into a ticket. You will see the external email in the ticket header.


After you update the ticket you have to check a checkbox.


After clicking Save you will land on this page:


On top you can choose from the templates, you can edit email sender, recipient or add a CC

You are also able to add any type of attachment.

After clicking the Send email button, the system will confirm that the email was sent successfully.

Note: Automatic email notifications are sent only when creating a new ticket but not when updating it.

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