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Created: 14/10/2015 Updated: 27/11/2019
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How to import data from MS Project

If you used MS Project before coming to Redmine, you probably have a lot of data you want to transfer. You can do this easily! This plugin enables you to import tasks and projects created in MS Project into Easy Redmine.

  • You don't need to rewrite prepared project plans or documents from other companies. 
  • Just import it all at once.
  • Including task dependencies and responsible staff!

During the import, it's possible to change the parameters of the task - such as:

  • task type
  • solver
  • status
  • priority
  • deadlines
  • prescribed time
  • the name of the task
  • and so on!

Furthermore, you can choose which tasks will be imported and which wouldn't. Settings on one task can be bulk copied to the multiple tasks.
Easy Redmine automatically connects users of MS Project and Easy Redmine. You can modify this connection during the import and you may also copy it all at once. In Administration, go to XML data imports.


Select MS Project, upload the XML file and click Import.


Tasks, milestones, task relations are imported automatically.


Corner situations

  • When importing data from a third-party system into Easy Redmine, make sure that descriptions of attachments are not required (More » Administration » Settings » General » Description of attachments). Otherwise, you get a message that the descriptions cannot be blank and the import will fail.
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